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First Steps

I welcome everyone at the first stage of the A-L-Ma /Give a Chance to yourself / program.

What are the goals of this? My aim is to let people realise that they are able to change.

Not only phisicaly, but we can change our eating habits, lifestyle and through all these we can even adjust our view on the world.

Originally, I wanted to go through the two month program alone but than I realised with several people, with different motivations and preparedness levels I can make a bigger impact.
The main objective is that the five participants should discover the possibilities of healty eating habits and regular physical conditioning so they can get closer to their dreams.
I can not guarantee that there will be a miraculous change (but not excluded), however, the emphasis is rather to learn how to start reaching our goals.

What results can we expect? This depends on the person, but among other things, the first month will have strenght development set as main goal, where the appropriate muscle tone and mass should be achieved. In the second month we will follow rather a metabolic approach to lower the body fat index and to let the previously built muscles shine out better. For women this means the decrease the amount of fat of the problematic areas, whereas for men the emphasis of muscles.

The general development of endurance is also a goal in both months, as in oxygen uptake as in muscle effort.

Well, after this intro let's see what the plan consists of.

The program will find place in May-June.

Ideally, it will have 5 trainings per week, 2 Kettlebell, 2 functional trainings (It will be in the new 360 gym) and an alternative training (this can be various, I hold the right of suprise but basically running, swimming, hiking and other various traditional, but refreshing trainings).

Furthermore, there will be a dietary counseling, which I will direct with a professional nutritionist, paying attention to the different needs, though creating a generic but tenable diet, which needs to be followed strictly.

It consist of the use of food supplementations and vitamins, respectively the list of unhealthy food to be avoided.

I would like if participants would follow their trainig with a diary on these pages and I would like to involve a photographer to document their development from day zero.

The participation requires 3 +1 conditions: Time, money and willpower. I would like to elaborate this further.

Time: I’m searching for people who have time. It might happen that the training will be early afternoon. Maybe in the evening. Furthermore, training 5 times a week requires a lot of time.
Those who apply need to bend their life for 2 months around this.

Money: Unfortunately, can’t be left out from the list. A sacrifice has to be made here too.

Supplementary diets, vitamins, omega-3 pills etc.

Training room rental, swimming hall ticket. Consultation fees. This is all money.

I try to keep it at a minimum, but you have to calculate this too.

Willpower: Determination, momentum, the will to change. If you start it, you should be able to finish it too. Don’t take the chance from somebody, who would willingly finish those 2 months.

The participant should not get bored after 3 weeks, because he can’t eat chocolate, should not cheat, just because the morning toast smells so good. Shouldn’t drink Wine-Coke, just because at the party everybody is having that. Abstinence will have to be followed. If somebody doesn’t feel enough persistence for this, only finds this interesting, than this is not the time for him yet.

As a conclusion, if somebody wants to participate, than I await his application at acsferencmihaly@gmail.com . The +1 condition is a motivational letter attached to the application, where the wannabe participant elaborates why he feels himself fit for the program

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